I’m back.



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Hey 🙂 it’s been a while.

Firstly I would just like to say sorry to the people that were reading my blog posts, but mainly I would just like to say sorry to myself for letting myself down, I was committed to doing this enabling the possibility to voice my thoughts and opinions on a platform that is extremely creative and is a free space for me just to talk about anything I could possibly be contemplating in the maze of my own mind.

I really don’t  know what I was thinking, like Nell come on be real, blogs aren’t going to write themselves, the CBA(can’t be arsed) faze isn’t just going to disappear from night to day, the stress of fourth and the likelihood of failing subjects hadn’t actually hit yet, oh and believe me it got to me and a lot.

I overestimated the capability of my brain learning 10 subjects all at once, having 19 important things to do in the last week and a half such as exams, presentations, the musical, projects… I mean I knew I could do it but to be painfully honest here, I could have got much better grades if I had just put a little bit of effort in, once in a while. I got an 8,3 out of 10, that’s the total result of my year where all of my scores are counted and divided to retrieve that number.

I genuinely can’t express the way I feel, at the peak of my stress, I knew it was all because I wanted better notes but I couldn’t have them since I tried too late and that infuriates me.  But oh well, we all learn from our mistakes, and as they say, it takes a very brave person to acknowledge their errors, so that’s me the brave 15-year-old.

So now schools up, the 4 years of pure joy are over, I’m happy, sad and scared; happy because I did it, I finished and with ¨good grades¨; sad because I think I made a huge impact at school with many things, you tend to, if you are the student of the year hehe and I can’t believe I’m going to leave it all behind. I’ll tell you guys in another post what I mean by big impact; and finally scared because I’m going to be starting a new stage of my life, which is an uncharted area for the Drake family, Bachillerato.

SUMMERS here, so I’m going to try to make the most of it and absorb every ounce of tranquillity before I step on the big, bad and petrifying new roller coaster that is college, with new fresh experiences.




2 thoughts on “I’m back.

  1. Big G !. says:

    Ah, Nell, that’s fantastic that you have started blogging again, and so interesting is your content. I will look forward to you next one. In hindsight maybe your last blogs on a weekly basis was a bit much for you to keep up, perhaps a monthly one would be better, and it would also give you more content to put into it. I suggest you have a note book so that as things happen during the month, you can jot things down, to remind you, as and when they happen, that way you won’t be scratching your head, thinking of something to write. Could you also include Nannie in as a blog reader, she very rarely ever opens her emails, and even less, writes emails, so that might just make her get into it. Her email address is, lilianspencer70@gmail.com hopefully she won’t have to look at her bit of paper to remember what it is, ha ha !. Carry on the good work, no spelling mistakes so far 😂😂😂 ❤️ you, Grandad X.

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