Grupo Arcoíris.

The grupo ARCOÍRIS or translated in to english would be the rainbow group, it’s an organization that in 2018 my school colleagues and I formed.

We started this group after we had been given a talk about genders and orientations, basically about the LGBTI+ community in general. The association arcoíris, is trying to become a national movement by forming groups in as many high schools as possible, so that then these groups can inform other people, learn and overall have an amazing time fighting for peoples rights, as well as normalizing the whole communitty, since even though we are in the 21st century some people still are EXTREMELY hostile towards them and can’t get their heads around the fact that not all people are male or female, and that there aren’t just heterosexual relationships…

Most people think that LGBTI+ people are a minority even though they really aren’t, to be exact 50% of the worlds population are in the community and the other 50% aren’t. Also there are many people that just don’t understand it, and that is where we come in. Slowly but surely we will make the world a fair place and a safe place in which EVERYBODY is accepted. We need people to fight.

Focusing on the group in my school, we have had many meetings and get togethers to inform ourselves on the subject, we have given many talks not just in our school, but also to many other schools, in front of hundreds of people (I’m not exagerating), we have created an instagram account called @lluviadecolores__, where people can ask us for help…, we have started to create stories so that we can read them to the children in primary, as if we start making them realize at a younger age that it’s a normal thing and not as if it’s not just a minority or jst a group of people who are not normal, These younger children and teenagers at the end of the day, are our future and we want to make it an easy process so in the years to come these groups will not need to exist.

One important thing I would like to state is that not every member of the group are part of the community, we are formed by people that are LGBTI+ and allies. People who want equality for all.

I’m very happy to be part of this movement to change the world, I want to be part of everything that can make peoples lives much easier, it’s a pity that not everyone realises that they are making peoples life much harder than it should be.

If anyone has any questions, I would be delighted to help.




2 thoughts on “Grupo Arcoíris.

  1. G says:

    I’ve read your blog Nell, and one question I would like the answer to is, to compare the differences in people and their gender, what is NORMAL ?. There must be a normal, before we compare those that are not normal !.

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    • Nellylsd says:

      Sorry for not responding sooner, I didn’t see the comment. People tend to think that normal is the same as correct but normal in this sense should be thought as the most common. xxx


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